Pay-to-view recorded webinars with ACCA, CAANZ, & ICAEW

Webinars with ACCA, CAANZ, & ICAEW are open to non-members. I have delivered a number of webcasts which you can access through these third parties on a pay-to-view basis. The webcasts are as follows:


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Management focused webinars

Transform your KPIs (2x 90 mins)

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Lean planning and forecasting for the 21st century (3x 90 mins)

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Reporting swiftly, informatively and error free (2x 90 mins)



Finance team focused webinars

Rapid year-end accounts (90 mins)



Technology to help make your finance team future ready (90 mins)



Quick month-end reporting in three days or less – (2x 90 mins)

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30 ways to improve accounts payable (90 mins)



Register GoToMeeting with David

Attend a 90-Minute session with like-minded individuals who are wishing to implement David’s intellectual property.

The GoToMeetings will cover:

  • How to hold a two-day critical success factors workshop
  • A walk through David’s KPI Book
  • A walk through David’s financial controller’s & CFO’s toolkit (Book)
  • Becoming a winning leader – A Viking with a mother’s heart
  • Attracting and recruiting talented staff
  • 21st Century lean work habits
  • What you need to know before you enter into takeover or merger
  • The foundation stones of performance related pay
  • 21st Century board reporting
  • How to ascertain performance measures

The cost of the 90-Minute GoToMeeting will arrange between NZ $250 – $300. The additional attendees from the same company are half price. When the date of GoToMeeting has been set, attendees will be asked to pay for the session by PayPal.

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Recorded Webcasts with ACCA

Most companies are working with the measures, many of which are incorrectly termed key performance indicators (KPIs). Successful companies develop KPIs with a focus on alignment, and growth. From his research, David Parmenter has found that very few organizations have identified their “winning KPIs” as he calls them.


  • the performance measures you choose
  • how you convey to staff what really is important – the CSFs
  • any balanced scorecard or KPI initiative.


  • the difference between the four types of performance measures  (key result indicators, result indicators, performance indicators, and key performance indicators)
  • the seven characteristics of a winning KPI
  • why ever performance measure has a dark side  – an unintended consequence
  • the importance of not having too many measures — the 10/80/10 rule
  • reporting of performance using the thinking of Stephen Few.


  • why measures should be sourced from the organization’s critical success factors (CSFs)
  • how you find your organization’s CSFs
  • how to ascertain measures from a CSF
  • some useful CSFs and their related performance measures
  • the foundation stones that need to be put in place for a KPI project to work
  • the six stage process to implementing winning KPIs, from his best-selling KPI book
  • the eight stages of selling and leading change.
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Key Performance Indicators: An Introduction to Winning KPIs – Part One Buy through ACCA
Key Performance Indicators: An Introduction to Winning KPIs – Part Two Buy through ACCA

Annual planning, the two to three-month drama, is anti-lean and is preventing organisations from being future ready.
Learn how lean organisations have been able to produce the annual plan quickly, in less than two weeks, and eventually replace it with a quarterly rolling planning process. Discover how rolling forecasting is the key to help make this happen.
KEY INFORMATIONThis webinar series is made up of three sessions. Upon completion of the series you will be able to:

  • recognise the need for change
  • formulate a strategic way forward
  • re-design your planning and forecasting so they play a bigger part in getting your organisation future ready
Webinar title Buy Recording
Session one: How out of date thinking is driving the process Buy through ACCA
Session two: Sorting out the annual planning process Buy through ACCA
Session three: Sorting out the forecasting process Buy through ACCA


Eliminating time out of the reporting process is the first step in the journey to becoming a lean finance teamFinance teams are spending far too much time on month-end reporting. The monthly reports are often merely memorandums of information, taken home in the briefcase of the executives and only scanned.If your month-end takes more than three days, and the monthly management reports are too large and not error free then this is a must attend webinar series.This series is focused on providing you with the tools to complete your next month-end in three working days without errors by adopting agile techniques to re-engineer processes.


Session 1: Getting month-end done in three working days or less

Fast reporting practices – 10 lean practices to achieve a quick month-end
Winning agile practices (“post-it” re-engineering, Kanban and scrum).

Session 2: Best practice and quality assurance in reporting

Best reporting practices that will win you admiration (A3 one page CEO report, daily and weekly formats, Board dashboards, & clear graphics)

Quality assurance processes to ensure your numbers are error free

Webinar title To Purchase
Session 1 – Getting month-end done Buy through ACCA
Buy through ACCA
Session two: Best practice and quality assurance in reporting

Example of some courses held

How to make your KPIs work – November 2014 Tour

Workshop Title City and Date
How to make your KPIs work Auckland10 November Tauranga11 November Hamilton13 November Wellington17 November Christchurch18 November Dunedin20 November

This course will address the common issues of how you measures subjective areas, how KPIs can assist in a change process, where KPIs link to strategy, what measures should I use in the sales and operational areas, how to ascertain measures and why SMART measures do not necessarily work.

IBM – Creating a future ready enterprise – Keynote address – September Tour

Workshop Title City and Date
IBM – Creating a future ready enterprise – Keynote address Melbourne Sydney Brisbane Auckland

Courses held in Australia 2014

Course Sydney Melbourne Brisbane
Winning KPIs 30 May 26 May 28 May
Journey to lean accounting 21 Aug 18 Aug 19 Aug

Full series (4 Masterclasses) – Places in the Winning CFO Series can be shared among colleagues.

Courses presented in UK 2014

Workshop Title Duration Manchester London
Masterclass in KPIs and Rolling Forecasts For course flyer,click here Full Day Tuesday 8 April Thursday 10 April

In the morning David will cover the myths around KPIs, the four types of performance measures, how to ascertain your organisation’s critical success factors and their related KPIs and how they should be reported.At this workshop a practical step by step methodology is shared that helps organisations to rediscover their critical success factors and underpin their winning key performance indicators.In the afternoon David will cover the foundation stones of rolling planning and forecasting and the better practices you need to adopt to save months from the annual planning process. Also covered will be cases studies on planning tool implementation and the transition to a rolling planning process

Winning KPI Master Classes

One day workshop

Winning KPI Master Classes One day workshop

Porto 11th October, For more information click here

Courses presented in New Zealand 2013

Workshop Title Auckland – North Shore Auckland – Otahuhu Christchurch
Winning finance teamsFor course flyer, click here 11 Nov 2013 12 Nov 2013 7 Nov 2013

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Courses presented in Australia 2013

Workshop Title City and Date
Winning CFOs Melbourne 14th NovSydney 15th Nov

Courses presented in South Africa 2013

Workshop Title City and Date
Winning KPIs Johannesburg June, 2013

David’s courses presented through Waymark Solutions.

Video of David Speaking at the 8th TEC Asia Annual Meet

Course Cancellation Policy

Cancellations up to two weeks prior to the workshop (four options)

Bookings can be cancelled with a 10% administration surcharge up to 2 weeks before the course, all course papers sent as final settlement, another person can be sent as a substitute or the fee paid can be carried forward to another course.

Cancellations within the last two weeks (three options)

Another person can be sent as a substitute, all course papers sent as final settlement, or the fee paid can be carried forward to another course. In all cases fee is payable within the original stated dates in the brochure.