In many organisations the reporting of performance measures is at best confusing at worse misleading. Part of the confusion has been not differentiating the performance measures into key result, performance and key performance indicators. This has led to many failed performance reporting initiatives especially balanced scorecards. This workshop is designed to help participants learn how to build the hierarchy of performance measure reporting, from dashboards for the Board of directors to balanced scorecards for senior management and teams. Participants are encouraged to bring fellow team members to this course so you can have your own company workshop sessions. This course is designed for those want to improve their performance measure reporting whether through a balance scorecard or not.


  • Understanding the difference between governance and management measures
  • Designing a dashboard for your Board of directors
  • Building a daily, weekly and month performance measure reporting regime for your senior management team (SMT)
  • Building a team balanced scorecard
  • Participants sharing their innovations and lessons learnt from their own performance reporting initiatives (these are recorded and posted on a website)

Target audience:

  • Finance Directors, CFOs or financial controllers
    • Practitioners delivering monthly reporting to clients
    • Corporate service managers who have an accounting team reporting to them
    • Management accountants, financial accountants and accounting technicians who are involved in management reporting

Benefits of attending:

Upon attending you will able to:

  • apply the templates so you can provide daily, weekly and monthly performance measure reporting for staff and management
    • distinguish the way you report performance measures to management and the Board
    • use a step by step implementation framework to find your appropriate measures

recall the participant better practices which have arisen during the workshop (workshop output will be documented on the waymark website)

Event Organizers and Professional bodies

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Booking an in-house course

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David Parmenter travels on at least five major speaking tours a year. It is highly likely that a mutually convenient date can be found.