Dear David

I enjoyed reading your article and would like to receive your 14 suggested interview questions.

Parts in your article that particularly resonated with me were:

1. The power of simple recognition – I worked for 3 yr’s for Yum Brands! This was one of their core values, from which I think they got tremendous business value. It is also where I came across books by Jack Welch & Jim Collins.
2. The importance of induction – too often time pressures, which I have been recruiting to overcome, have meant I have not devoted enough time to the welcoming & thorough & wide enough induction of the new team member. Integrating new people into a well formed existing team is still something I find challenging.
3. Place graduates into Accounts Payable. For me it was Credit Control, on a secondment in Australia, but there is something marvellous you get from appreciating the issues and skills required for the nuts & bolts roles that exist in every finance team.
4. I estimate I spend 60% of my own time on monthly reporting (including forecasts & board reports), annual accounts/audit & the annual planning process!
5. Build links with a local university – an interesting idea.

Thanks again for providing us with an interesting article.

David Jeffery, FC - Ascot Racecourse
Hi David

I’ve just been reading your article in the ICAEW magazine back in September on “The art of rapid month-end reporting”, and I was wondering if I could take up your offer of emailing a copy of the suggested month-end rules. I am going through the process of speeding up our month end close at present and I found your article very useful.

Thanks in advance

Hi David

Great article. Recently went through a big merger in the Financial Services company I work for in Dublin.

Can relate to all of your points 100%!
Great insight

Best regards