Why is it that we spend months on an annual planning process that we know is flawed? Why is it we spend many days preparing a monthly report that is informing management well and truly “after the horse has bolted”? Why do we produce a 30+ page finance report for the senior management team? Why do we budget at account code level?

With the economic downturn corporate accountants need to find more time to help their businesses in a more proactive way. This workshop will equip controllers, CFOs, management and financial accountants to radically transform their contribution to their organizations, maximize their job satisfaction and profile, and leave a legacy of efficient and effective processes in every organization they work in.

These 2 *90 min webinars are based on David Parmenter’s first section of his ground breaking book “The Financial Controllers and CFO’s Toolkit” which covers the better practices from “winning” finance teams around the world.

Around the world some exceptional corporate accountants have questioned the status quo and implemented practices that have revolutionised the value the corporate accounting team can generate. These successful corporate accountants spent more time in the 20% of issues that really matter and have been ruthless with the time the team spends on the 80% of issues that are less important. In other words they apply Pareto’s principle.


  • 21st century accounts payables systems that are affordable
  • timely month-end reporting – within 3 working days
  • making monthly reports worth reading
  • limiting time spent on Board reporting
  • a timely annual planning process – 10 working days or less!
  • managing the accounting team
  • quick annual reporting- within 15 working days post year-end
  • managing debtors in these difficult economic times
  • marketing the accounting team
  • improving relationships with budget holders
  • working smarter not harder, as a finance team
  • maximising the use of the GL
  • using performance measures that work – ‘winning KPIs’

Target audience:

Finance Director, CFO or Financial Controllers and all corporate accountants in all sectors. Consultants and practitioners who offer services to corporate accountants.

Benefits of attending:

Upon attending you will have:

  • a sound understanding of the critical success factors for a “winning finance team”
  • an in-depth understanding of how to complete month-end reports by 3 working days, annual accounts inside 15 working days, and the annual plan in two weeks
  • over twenty reporting templates for daily, weekly and monthly reporting
  • checklists, workshop agendas, useful memos and timeframes for the various implementations covered in the course
  • an understanding of how to process re-engineer using “post-it” stickers
  • a white paper which sells for over Euro120
  • an insight on how to sell change to the Board, Senior Management, and Budget holders

Event Organizers and Professional bodies

This course is now delivered via webinars.  Please complete the enquiry form or email to gilchrist@waymark.co.nz.

Booking an in-house course

If you have over eight staff that would benefit from this course, it is financially viably to run this in-house webinar. Please complete the enquiry form or email to gilchrist@waymark.co.nz.


David Parmenter is able to deliver webinars at short notice.