The quarterly rolling planning is a process that will revolutionise any organisation whether public or private sector!  It removes the four main barriers to success that an annual planning process erects.  An annual funding regime where budget holders are encouraged to be dysfunctional, a reporting regime base around monthly targets that have no relevance, a three-month period where management are diverted from day to day operations, and the remuneration system based on an annual target.  The only thing certain about an annual target is that it is certainly wrong, it is either too soft or too hard for the trading conditions.

The critical building block is quarterly rolling planning (QRP).  This course will explain why the quarterly rolling planning (QRP) is the most important management tool of this decade and how QRP is a more involved form of rolling forecasting. It will also show how QRP will revolutionise your company cutting the shackles of the dysfunctional annual planning process. The masterclass will include an in-depth how to implement guide, case studies and an outline of the forecasting and planning tools currently available.

This new process requires a number of key steps and this workshop will go through them to ensure attendees have an in-depth understanding.  Once the course is completed participants will have the opportunity to work with electronic templates to help kick-start the process.

These 3*90 min webinars are based on David Parmenter’s first section of his ground breaking book “The Financial Controllers and CFO’s Toolkit” which covers the better practices from “winning” finance teams around the world.

Around the world some exceptional corporate accountants have questioned the status quo and implemented practices that have revolutionised the value the corporate accounting team can generate. These successful corporate accountants spent more time in the 20% of issues that really matter and have been ruthless with the time the team spends on the 80% of issues that are less important. In other words they apply Pareto’s principle.


  • The foundation stones and rules for a QRP
  • How the annual plan can be a by-product from this method
  • Selection the right planning tool
  • How to use planning tool consultants effectively
  • How to develop and use QRP
  • An outline of currently available first, second and third tier planning tools
  • Report formats for your QRP process
  • The one-page annual plan summary for business units
  • Workshop on using drivers in forecasting

Target audience:

  • This course is designed for Finance Directors, CFOs, financial controllers, financial accountants and management accountants who are involved in annual planning process. In addition, practitioners who act as a CFO for their SME clients.

Benefits of attending:

Upon attending you will :

  • Gain an impetus to radically rethink your planning process and to provide templates to help ensure your planning/forecasting system is more flexible, linked to strategy, improves management of finances and saves time!
  • Understand the building blocks to better practice planning/forecasting
  • Receive practical skills transfer so you can start your quarterly rolling forecasting

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