I like it very much since many details were useful for government and non profit agencies. I recommend one who going to establish your own BSC should take this into consideration.
Testimonial imageAmazon Customer
Good Book with pracatical approach….
Testimonial imageRapin
As an evaluators for a large non-profit social service agency I am always on the look out for tools that can assist me in strengthening my evaluation toolkit. Since there has been a major emphasis on performance indicators in both non-profit and government I had a keen interest in reading Parmenter’s book since my major problem is developing key performance indicators that make the most sense. Overall David’s book is not only concise and thorough, but it also provides a useful set of tools and a roadmap to develop key performance indicators that work in assessing program performance. I highly recommend the book.
Testimonial imageStanley Capela
David Parmenter is a leading thinker on performance measurement. I admire his work very much. This application of David’s seminal thinking on KPIs to the public and non-profit sectors is a major contribution to the field. Any practitioner or manager who is serious about improving measurement in their organizations should read this book.
Testimonial imageDr. Dean
Very useful book. Practical Guide to Winning KPI Concept. Very helpful to me to know more about KPI establishment.
Testimonial imageMostashar