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If you want to access the latest thoughts of David Parmenter, buy his toolkits which are constantly updated and come with accompanying electronic templates to get your implementation started.  On time of acquisition David reviews and updates the tookit as appropriate. These are printed, signed and posted to the purchaser. These contain David’s latest thinking.

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If you want a working guide to help you make progress, that can be read on a short journey, then these are for you. Once the paypal notification has been received the working guides are emailed with accompanying useful E-templates. To access the special deal.

David’s Pay-To-View Webinars

You can purchase a wide variety of David’s webinars recorded by leading accounting professional bodies.  Each webinar is 90 minutes long and includes electronic templates.  You purchase directly from the relevant professional body and follow instructions, at the end of the webinar, to download the templates from my website using the disclosed password.

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Performance Measures Database (known as a KPI database)

The database, developed over the last twenty years, and regularly updated, is sent in both  Access and Excel.

Imagine driving performance to new heights

Imagine your organisation achieving its Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Imagine an organisation on the pathway from good to great. This website will offer you methodologies to fix the common problems with performance management that will have a profound impact on your organisation and on your career.

We can make this a reality. I’m David Parmenter, and I teach how to develop winning KPIs, ascertain your organisation’s critical success factors, replace the annual planning process with quarterly rolling planning, implement lean finance team processes and adopt winning leadership traits. I’ve delivered workshops and key note addresses in 30 countries. I have delivered in-house workshops for a range of companies which include European Space Agency, Australian Post, Lloyds of London, Open University, and the Singapore government (Peoples Association) and more.

I have two day, one day master classes and different in-house training options including web based training for your team to get you and your organisation on the journey. So either attend one of my public courses, book me for your conference, or get me to deliver an in-house workshop.

What are my courses like? Read what delegates say. Start today by reading my books and listen to some recorded speeches.

Public Workshops & Recorded Webinars

Common Problems with Performance Management

Performance management has been much misunderstood, misused, and abused, thereby preventing too many organisations from reaching their potential Read more.
Is your organisation succeeding in spite of the annual planning process rather than because of it? Read more
Is performance related pay encouraging dysfunctional behaviour? Read more
Are teams and divisions working hard on their own agendas which are contrary to the strategic direction? Read more
Does your organisation have a history or late and/ or failed projects? Read more
Are KPIs leading to dysfunctional behaviour? Read more
Is your finance team more backroom rather than leading change in the organisation? Read more

Articles & Papers

David’s Concepts

David has developed intellectual property in six conceptual areas. Each concept area has its own subdomain where you can access articles, advice and purchase whitepapers, shortpapers and templates.

Free Media For Book Owners

Key Performance Indicators: Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs (Third Edition)

The Financial Controller and CFO’s Toolkit: Lean Practices to Transform Your Finance Team (Third Edition)

Key Performance Indicators for Government and Non-Profit Agencies

The Leading-edge Managers Guide to Success – Strategies and Better Practices

Winning CFOs – Implementing and applying better practices (Second Edition)


David Parmenter was the Keynote address at our one day “2014 Management Accounting Conference ” . It was a great success and we couldn’t have pulled it off without his contribution both before and during the conference. The audience gave him the highest ratings with comments. “David is an entertaining and knowledgeable speaker who injects humour into his speech. He also offers further materials which is helpful. “ “Great presenter to open with and got to the core of KPIs. “ “Best speaker ever, thoroughly enjoyed it.” “Awesome presentation, different dynamic.” “Excellent presentation and great examples. Best session!” “Clear message and entertaining style.” I look forward to working with him again in the future.
Jess Vailima, Professional Development and Conference Coordinato, New Zealand Institute of Chartered Accountants
David was the keynote speaker at our 2011 National Accountants Conference. His presentations were delivered in an engaging and thought provoking manner. One of our objectives of the conference was to have the Financial Controllers reporting earlier each month and we owe our new very positive results to the work by David.
Martyn Tierney, National Business Planning Manager, Toyota Motor, Corporation Australia Limited
We now have had David as a key note presenter to two of our annual conferences for the Finance teams in the Australian General Practice Network. He delivered two sessions each day. The presentations were superb with a high degree of satisfaction from the attendees. Not only were the sessions entertaining they contained profound messages. The electronic templates that David provided attendees have been more than worth the attendee’s conference fee!
Carolyn Campbell-Wood, CFO, AGPN
Mr. David Parmenter held a keynote speech and an in-depth session at our two main events of 2013. He is a very inspiring speaker with some interesting topics on his agenda. He delivers his messages in a very controversial and humoristic way and uses anecdotes from his own life to stress his opinions. He was very popular among our attendants and his keynote and session rated as number one among all speakers. We recommend him warmly as a speaker!
Maj Nedergaard, Research & Campaign Manager, Targit
We have successfully moved to a three day reporting regime which has resulted in positive comments being received from the senior management team. This would not have been achievable without the assistance from David. Our team enjoyed the workshop that David facilitated to discuss and review our existing processes. It provided the team with an opportunity to look at the end of month process in its entirety and, with some guidance from David, we were able to eliminate some steps and improve alignment with others. The result, a full CFO report, ready by COB day three. An awesome result.
Lloyd Petty, Acting Chief Financial Officer, Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Canberra
A big “Thank you” for the Lean accounting course you presented this week. I thoroughly enjoyed the day and cannot wait to become leaner and more efficient. I will definitely be on the lookout for any other training you might be giving again in Sydney.
Mark Schild, Group Management Accountant, Rubik Financial Limited