Imagine driving performance to new heights

Imagine your organisation achieving its Big Hairy Audacious Goals. Imagine an organisation on the pathway from good to great. This website will offer you methodologies to fix the common problems with performance management that will have a profound impact on your organisation and on your career.

We can make this a reality. I’m David Parmenter, and I teach how to develop winning KPIs, ascertain your organisation’s critical success factors, replace the annual planning process with quarterly rolling planning, implement lean finance team processes and adopt  winning leadership traits. I’ve delivered workshops and key note addresses in 30 countries. Companies where I have delivered in-house workshops include European Space Agency, Australian Post, Lloyds of London, Open University, and the Singapore government (Peoples Association) and more.

I have two day, one day master classes and different in-house training options including web based training for your team to get you and your organisation on the journey. So either attend one of my public courses, book me for your conference, or get me to deliver an in-house workshop.

What are my courses like? Read what delegates say. Start today by reading my books and listen to some recorded speeches.

David Parmenter Winning CFOs Series

Public Courses February 2015

Secrets from Lean Accounting Teams -

Including how to do your monthly reporting in 2 days rather than 2 weeks.
This course will cover the secrets from Lean accounting teams who:
• Finish their month-end within 2 days instead of two weeks
• Have time to walkabout instead of working behind a shut door
• See weekends as going to the beach, rather than working in the office
• Complete an annual plan inside 3 weeks instead of 3 months (both will be wrong!)

If the current situation isn’t good for you, it’s not good for your team or your company.

Melbourne – 24 February
Hotel CBD: TBA
Sydney – 26 February
Hotel CBD: TBA


Forecasting & Planning Papers

How to Implement a Planning Tool and Get It Right
How to sell the concept to the senior management team

IBM have commissioned me to write two papers which are available on their website for free.


Common problems with Performance Management

Performance management has been much misunderstood, misused, and abused, thereby preventing too many organizations from reaching their potential Read more. Is your organisation succeeding in spite of the annual planning process rather than because of it? Read more Is performance related pay encouraging dysfunctional behaviour? Read more Are teams and divisions working hard on their own agendas which are contrary to the strategic direction? Read more Does your organisation have a history or late and/ or failed projects? Read more Are KPIs leading to dysfunctional behaviour? Read more Is your finance team more backroom rather than leading change in the organisation? Read more


What does David offer you to help with your implementation?

Running an in-house workshops

What does David Specialize in?


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