David Parmenter B.Com (Hons) , is an internationally successful author and globally popular presenter. His four books, of which two are in their third edition, are published by John Wiley & Sons Inc, New York. His sessions will galvanise your audience and help make your conference one to remember.  For testimonials visit.  He has recently retired from being a FCA (ICAEW).

Due to the sudden illness of my wife, Jennifer, in October 2018, I have postponed all face to face Key Note Addresses and workshops for the foreseeable future.

However I can deliver a KNA via  GoToMeeting into your conference, engaging all the attendees.  I have delivered over 100 webinars / training sessions.  I have already delivered a web-based KNA address to 400 attendees in Oct 2018 to great success.

The benefits to your conference;

  • access to world expert (KPIs and lean finance team practises) for a reduced cost
  • proving your attendees with access to some cutting edge IP
  • delivery around your schedule as flights arrangements are not required.

A WEB-based KNA fees start from US$1,800 for delivery of an existing presentation, and S2,800 for a tailored 45-60 minute presentation.

David is a leading expert in

Thank you again most sincerely for providing our congress with two magnificent presentations, as were the two that you provided to us last year.
I have received an overwhelming positive feedback from delegates, who not only enjoyed the content of your presentations, but also the manner in which they were presented. Delegates loved the use of the pen on the tablet, this method really engaged them.

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List of key note addresses that I can deliver (45 to 90 Minute Duration)

David Parmenter has spoken in 31 countries worldwide