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Web Based Toolkit

A simple guide to transform your finance team

The Financial Controller and CFO’s Toolkit (2016) is now available.  It is the updated version of Pareto’s 80/20 Rule for Corporate Accountants (2007)  and Winning CFOs  (2011). The book is designed for senior financial managers who want to radically modernise their departments, make higher-value contributions to the organisation, and develop a reputation as an innovative leader of efficiency. This book is targeted at finance teams from small to multi-national organisations and is designed to walk you through seamless implementations. This book provides over 100 lean practice solutions from lean finance teams including:

  • The key steps to selling and leading change effectively
  • Rapid month-end results—inside three working days
  • Templates for lean one-page reports (daily, weekly, and monthly examples)
  • Agile methodologies for instant improved teamwork (Scrum, Kanban, Post-it Re-engineering, Kaizen)
  • Ways to reduce accounts payable volume by 60%
  • The seven 21st century technologies that will radically improve the finance team’s productivity
  • Rapid annual accounts and annual plans
  • Implementing quarterly rolling forecasting
  • Getting your KPIs to work
  • How to attract and recruit talent
  • Practical insights from the paradigm shifters (Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Jack Welch, John Kotter, Jeremy Hope)

The book cover

A look inside the book

Download the chapter on recruiting.

Download the chapter on rapid month-end reporting 

Download the chapter 16 on quarterly rolling forecasting 

Download the chapter on leading and selling changeBuy from Amazon

Testimonials on The Financial Controllers and CFO’s Toolkit 3rd edition

A sample of Electronic Templates  available for purchase

If you would like ALL the electronic versions of all the templates and most of the report formats, featured in the book, these can be purchased from shop.davidparmenter.com/product-category/tools-templates/

This book will answer the following questions:

  • What is a rolling forecast?
  • What does a rolling 4,6 forecast mean?
  • Why is Excel not appropriate for rolling forecasting and reporting?
  • What is a fast close month end process?
  • What are the steps for a fast close?
  • What are the leading practices and priorities of the finance teams of the world’s best performing companies?
  • What features should be in the finance function to meet tomorrow’s challenges?
  • What do best in class finance functions do?
  • How do I restructure my finance team?
  • What tasks should I undertake to transform my finance team?

All templates in the book + additional PowerPoint presentations

Finance team leaders can purchase the electronic version of the book templates plus useful PowerPoint presentations from here.

The Word + Excel templates include:

  • Draft letters and memos
  • Rules for a bulletproof presentation
  • A PowerPoint presentation checklist
  • A finance team user satisfaction questionnaire template
  • An over’s and under’s schedule and template
  • Month-end reporting rules for the finance team
  • A one page month-end flash report for the CEO
  • Lists of technology software providers
  • Over 20 finance team reporting templates
  • One page month-end report to the CEO
  • One page board dashboard
  • One page investment proposal
  • Weekly list of overdue projects
  • One page annual plan for a business unit
  • Sales forecasting template
  • Travel and accommodation calculator template
  • Re-engineering month-end workshop agenda
  • Month-end cost template
  • Annual planning cost template
  • Year-end accounts cost template
  • Value stream accounting templates
  • Rolling forecasting timetable
  • Annual planning timetable
  • Rolling forecast one page report
  • KPI report templates
  • Cost of downsizing template
  • 14 great interview questions
  • A list of common operational success factors
  • KPI team leader job description

Finance Team checklist

  • Planning tool selection and implementation schedule
  • Month-end reporting checklist
  • Implementing technologies checklist
  • Implementing a new general ledger checklist
  • Reduce accounts payable checklist
  • Lean reporting checklist
  • Lean board reporting checklist
  • Annual planning checklist
  • Planning focus group agenda
  • Annual planning workshop agenda
  • Re-engineering instructions for annual planning
  • Re-engineering instructions for year-end
  • Invitation to post it re-engineering session
  • Working smarter checklist
  • Agenda for a finance team off-site meeting
  • 15 week program to lock in good leadership habits
  • Year-end reporting for the finance team
  • Year-end accounting checklist
  • Agenda for a quick year-end workshop
  • Accounts receivable checklist
  • Evaluation project team member’s checklist
  • Implementing quarterly rolling forecasting checklist
  • Performing a quarterly rolling forecasting checklist
  • Planning tool supplier evaluation checklist
  • Implementing KPIs checklist
  • Developing winning KPIs checklist
  • Performance pay scheme checklist
  • Takeover or merger scorecard
  • Reorganization checklist

The PowerPoint templates

  • A strategy PowerPoint slide deck
  • Selling KPIs in your organisation
  • Selling quick month-end reporting
  • Selling a quick annual planning process
  • Selling the change from annual planning to rolling planning forecasting

David Parmenter’s toolkits (whitepapers + e-templates)

David’s intellectual property is constantly evolving and to access his up to the minute work it is best to purchase his extensive toolkits. On notification of a purchase, David reviews the whitepapers, updating them, and then publishes. Ensuring that the reader receives his most up to date thinking. For more information, you can browse the toolkits below.

This punchy and practical book is packed with ideas and suggestions about making your business more efficient and a happier place to work. David’s easy style makes this book a refreshing read, which will invigorate you to bring positive change to your business.
Robert Russell FCA, Technical Manager Finance & Management Faculty ICAEW
Why isn’t this book more popular?

I bought this book in an attempt to learn more about lean practices and various finance frameworks and I was not disappointed.
This is by far one of the best books on the subject on Amazon. Every concept is explained with examples so that you can directly apply it to your organizations.
Additionally, the concepts in the book are not super basic like in some others. There is a good combination of concepts levels.
I recommend whether you are new to the Finance industry or an experienced professional already.

Florian G., Review from Amazon US
Many areas covered including “lean” finance organization, “fast” month-end closing

I came across the book when I was making a research about Kaizen, Lean, 6 Sigma and their implementation in the Finance department. This book covers not only how to make your finance organization lean and fast but also explains and provides you with the tools and templates to implement them. I had never seen such a book giving this much emphasis to implementation. Reading the book is like walking through your daily life at your office. I believe that the reason lying behind this is that Mr. Parmenter himself is a finance professional and has received input from many other finance professionals throughout his career. The writer is helping us, the finance professionals, with his book and additional resources. The details are in the book and Mr. Parmenter’s website.

Mustafa Murat Akay, Review from Amazon US
For FD best practice… Buy this book!

Absolutely excellent book, very well written, with practical tips. I have used several of the suggestions in my work as a Finance Director. I work as a portfolio FD and have introduced quarterly rolling forecasts in a number of clients.
I like the reporting guidelines, the use of KPIs and Key Reporting Indicators and efficient month end close process.
Basically, it has all been incredibly useful and will be reference guide for years to come.

Dax, Review from Amazon UK
If you want your finance function to be one of the future!

This was a very good read, really showed how many processes, systems and the application of common sense and being rational can drastically improve the effectiveness of a finance function and get away from the bean counting and historic focused nature of finance, I highly recommend.

Claude Faucher, Review from Amazon UK