406, 2020

The Financial Controller and CFO’s Toolkit: Lean Practices to Transform Your Finance Team

This book written by David Parmenter is the most transformative guidebook in corporate accounting. Performance management leader, David Parmenter has designed this toolkit to be a practical guide for corporate accountants, from CFOs to the management accountant. This book provides over 100 lean finance team solutions. There is a complementary PDF toolkit filled with templates and checklists to kick start the implementation process.

3008, 2019

Key Performance Indicators – developing, implementing and using winning KPIs (4th Edition)

Key performance indicators (KPIs), while used commonly around the world, have never until now been clearly defined...

406, 2015

Key Performance Indicators for Government and Non Profit Agencies

This book written by the King of KPIs, David Parmenter, gives a clear set of steps for KPI teams in government and non-profit agencies to follow. This book has content and case studies specifically for these agencies and comes with a 90 page KPI team resource kit (questionnaires, workshop timetables & agendas, checklists, and project worksheets).

406, 2015

The Leading-edge Managers Guide to Success – Strategies and Better Practices

This book is based on those practices you need to master as you climb the management mountain, culminating in what makes a CEO special. The book comes with a complementary resource kit which is periodically updated with David Parmenter's latest research into management and leadership issues. The kit has articles, checklists, and templates to help you on your journey.