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The Financial Controller and CFO’s Toolkit: Lean Practices to Transform Your Finance Team

This book written by David Parmenter is the most transformative guidebook in corporate accounting. Performance management leader, David Parmenter has designed this toolkit to be a practical guide for corporate accountants, from CFOs to the management accountant. This book provides over 100 lean finance team solutions. There is a complementary PDF toolkit filled with templates and checklists to kick start the implementation process.

10 steps to survive then thrive post COVID 19

10 steps to survive then thrive post COVID 19
By David Parmenter

For those businesses old enough to remember the 2001-02 (Dotcom bubble burst) and the 2007-08 (loan default crisis) there will be an institutional memory about how important cash was.  With the Post COVID 19 recovery, you can ratchet up the importance of cashflow, I believe, […]

22 Lessons from Peter Drucker, the greatest management thinker

Peter Drucker’s Lessons for Performance Management
For more read my  Working Guide, ‘Wisdom from the great management thinkers’.

1. Focus on your noncustomers
Which of your noncustomers should you be doing business with? (Desirable potential customers). Only Drucker could coin a phrase, “non customers”, yet it gets right to the heart of the fundamental issue. Every private sector government […]

12 tips to better recruiting

12 tips to better recruiting
by David Parmenter

In every workshop, I ask one question, “Who has made a recruiting decision they have lived to regret?” Every manager puts his or her hand up. The carnage caused is relived in their facial expressions. Why does this happen so often?

Recruitment should be the most important activity a manager […]

30 Ways To Improve Accounts Payable Form

Rapid year-end accounts Form

Understand the five stages of a crisis – part of a COVID 19 Survival Kit for SMEs

In my servant leadership paper I talked about The Eight Behaviour Traits of Great Leaders

It is my belief that many leaders fail, when managing enterprises, because some of the eight behaviour traits that needed to be in their DNA were absent.  They may have been successful managing smaller teams because their flaws not fully exposed.

I believe, […]

The three Ts of delegation

These three different observations led me to believe that time management, trust and training were at the core of delegation. Delegation being the “transfer of responsibility for the performance of an activity from one person to another with the former retaining accountability of the outcome” as described in a medical manual.
Time management
is so important as […]

Free Media for KPI Book Owners – Fourth Edition