Public Courses

809, 2019

KPI masterclass converted into 4 *2.5 hour webinars Nov 2020 (US$1,500 for one, US$2,500 for two )

 KPI masterclass converted into 4 *2.5 hour webinars
“The KPI masterclass was a very good experience that I professionally benefited from. The small class format allowed for ongoing engagement throughout the lessons and the material was well prepared to support the areas of discussion and learning.”
John Slack-Smith,COO, Harvey Norman

506, 2017

Recorded Webinars, pay-to-view with ACCA, CAANZ, & ICAEW

Pay to view David Parmenter's recorded webinars with the ACCA, CAANZ, & ICAEW. 1. Transform your KPIs (2x 90 mins) 2. Quick month-end reporting in three days or less (2x 90 mins) 3. Lean planning and forecasting for the 21st century (3x 90 mins) 4. Technology to help make your finance team future ready (90 mins) 5. 50+ ways to improve accounts payable (90 mins) 6. Rapid year-ends (90 mins)