Public Courses

2901, 2019

Rapid month end reporting – by day three or less Tuesday 11 June 2019 London

David has yet to find an organisation that cannot achieve day three reporting if they apply his methodology, developed from the better practices of hundreds of fast reporting organisations.

2909, 2017

Recorded webinar: 21st Century planning and forecasting 2*90 min from £85 +VAT

Why do so many leaders fail when given the task of managing large teams? The reason? Some of the behaviour traits that needed to be in their DNA, to fulfil this task, were missing. I will also cover the eight-people orientated and seven personal skills to master. 2*90 min from £85 +VAT . The course comes with articles by author and electronic templates.

2909, 2017

Lean practices to transform your finance team. Friday 14 June London

This course will help financial controllers, CFOs, and corporate accountants learn how to adopt 21st century finance team better practices, and become more effective and future-ready. Within months of attending, you and your finance team will be saving 100s of hours out of the finance team's workload and creating a positive footprint. The workshop fees are £550. The course comes with a whitepaper and electronic templates valued at £100.

506, 2017

Recorded Webinars, pay-to-view with ACCA, CAANZ, & ICAEW

Pay to view David Parmenter's recorded webinars with the ACCA, CAANZ, & ICAEW. 1. Transform your KPIs (2x 90 mins) 2. Quick month-end reporting in three days or less (2x 90 mins) 3. Lean planning and forecasting for the 21st century (3x 90 mins) 4. Technology to help make your finance team future ready (90 mins) 5. 50+ ways to improve accounts payable (90 mins) 6. Rapid year-ends (90 mins)

805, 2016

Transform Your Enterprise with Winning KPIs Wednesday 12 June 2019

The right KPIs, properly deployed, can transform your organisation. David, known as the King of the KPIs, will show how you can ascertain your organisation’s critical success factors and the associated winning KPIs leading to happier customers and a better led and managed organisation. The appropriate KPIs will cut through and sweep away management practices and performance issues that clog daily operations. This workshop is also suitable for senior and middle management. You will receive a comprehensive paper and electronic templates.