David Parmenter is an international presenter who is known for his thought provoking and lively sessions, which have led to substantial change in many organisations.

David is a leading expert in

  • The development of winning KPIs
  • Replacing the annual planning process with quarterly rolling planning
  • Finance team better practices and 21st century management and leadership practices
Thank you again most sincerely for providing our congress with two magnificent presentations, as were the two that you provided to us last year.
I have received an overwhelming positive feedback from delegates, who not only enjoyed the content of your presentations, but also the manner in which they were presented. Delegates loved the use of the pen on the tablet, this method really engaged them.

Key Note Addresses (45 to 90 Minute Duration)

David Parmenter has delivered courses to the following professional bodies

KPIs / Balanced Scorecard / Critical Success Factors

  • Finding your organization’s critical success factors- the El Dorado of Management
  • An introduction to winning KPIs
  • Getting your KPIs to take your organization from good to great
  • Revitalizing a failing balance scorecard
  • The myths of performance measurement
  • Are your KPIs hindering rather than helping your organization

Performance Management

  • Revitalizing performance – a template to success
  • Making performance related pay work – for a change
  • Rethinking performance measurement
  • Measuring performance in challenging times

Management and Leadership

  • Revitalizing performance – a template to success
  • Recruiting is a life and death decision – learn how to get it right every time
  • The lessons to apply from the paradigm shifters (Drucker, Welch, Peters, Hamel and Collins)
  • Leadership lessons from Sir Ernest Shackleton (Antarctic explorer)
  • Transforming leadership through the lessons of the great leaders
  • The six foundations stones of winning Leadership
  • Winning personal and work habits
  • How to become a winning leader – a Viking with a mother’s heart
  • Making performance related pay work – for a change
  • Why mergers and reorganization’s fail – more often than not

Lean Finance Team Practices

  • The journey to a lean accounting function – the practices to adopt to make a difference
  • Putting the Finance function and yourself on the map
  • Rethinking performance measurement
  • The CFO as the Chief Performance Officer
  • Implementing quarterly rolling forecasting and planning
  • Fast month-end reporting – by day three or less
  • Winning CFOs –the better practices you need to know
  • Measuring performance in challenging times
  • Rolling forecasting and planning – the 21st century way to allocate resources
  • The ten major mistakes corporate accountants commonly make and how to avoid them
  • Beyond Budgeting – breaking free from the annual planning process

David Parmenter has travelled to over 30 countries worldwide