Organisations around the world are spending far too much time on month-end reporting and the annual accounts. Neither of these tasks generates many thanks from the senior management team. We simply need to do these tasks, as quick as possible in a “true and fair” way! This course is a composite course, delivered, by David, for the first time anywhere in the world. It combines two of David’s successful half day courses in one not-to-be missed half day session.

David Parmenter has presented his better practice courses successfully to audiences in Australia, Ireland, England, Singapore, Malaysia, South Africa, and New Zealand to over 5,000 corporate accountants. Changing the work habits of many along the way. As David says he wants corporate accountants around the world to create more of a legacy so they are ‘missed’ when they move on. He does not want them to have to organise their own leaving do, as he did!

His fast month course has had a profound impact across all sectors. If your month-end is slow this is a must attend course. It will help you can get a better work life balance and give you more time to score the goals that matter. Many accountants have reported a much higher profile in their organisation post attending the course. David states he has yet to find an organisation that can not get down to day 3 reporting if they apply his methodology developed from the better practices of hundreds of fast reporting organisations.

Fast closing at year-end requires a fast month-end close and great organisation. David will share the secrets and provide the templates to make your next year-end a less stressing time while managing the auditors in an effective and efficient manner.

This workshop is expected to be a well attended course so book early! David is known for his ability to facilitate sharing of ideas and practices by attendees.


The steps you can take for the next month-end to says days

  • The steps you can complete in the near future to make every month-end effortless
  • How to “post-it” re-engineer your month-end and year-end processes
  • Discuss & workshop the implementation issues of quick month-end and year-end reporting
  • The way forward to a quicker year-end
  • How to organise yourself and the auditors

Target audience:

  • Management accountants, and financial accountants who are involved in month-end and year-end reporting
  • Finance directors, CFOs, financial controllers
  • Practitioners who need to prepare reports for their larger clients

Learning outcomes:

Upon attending you will able to:

  • complete your month-end by three working days
  • complete your year-end by 21 working days
  • recall course material that has already helped organisations slice days out of their month-end routines
  • identify the appropriate better practices to speed up month-end and year-end routines
  • apply all the provided checklists
  • run an in-house workshop to “post-it” re-engineer processes

review, at your leisure, all workshop content in the comprehensive accompanying paper written by David Parmenter.
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David Parmenter travels on at least five major speaking tours a year. It is highly likely that a mutually convenient date can be found.