As a manager, you can bully, order, or coerce staff to undertake tasks in a prescribed manner. However, you are unlikely to succeed unless you have learned the lessons and put into practice the traits of the successful ‘servng’ leaders.

Based on the leadership exploits of Sir Ernest Shackleton, Sir Edmund Hillary, Sir Winston Churchill, the writings of Peter Drucker, and some modern day leaders this workshop will cover a leadership model suited for the Corporate accountant.

The presenter, David Parmenter, author and international presenter, has recently completed his book “The leading-edge Manager’s guide to success – strategies and better practices”. will shed some light on what makes a great leader.

There are many books on leadership and you can spend your entire life reading them. They will make you more confused than enlightened. In this half day workshop a simple model for “serving” leadership will be explained which can be understood easily and hopefully more straightforward to implement. .

This half day workshop will offer the CFO a chance to step out of the daily fire fighting to make a migration to more effective leadership. This half day course with the accompanying material has the potential to change your future into one that is more rewarding, with more recognition and more satisfaction. .

This session will cover:

  • The five foundation stones for a successful leader (including master communication and PR, be clear on your legacy)
  • A new model in leadership that over a 13 week period will bear fruit
  • Lessons from great leaders in the past
  • The foundation stones of a winning CFO (including how to sell change to the CEO, SMT and the Board, how to find a mentor to get you to the top and help you stay there)
  • How to handle better the soft skills part of a winning CFO
  • How to have a happy and productive finance team

Target audience:

  • CFOs and Finance Directors
  • Management accountants and financial accountants whose next position will be a CFO

Benefits of attending:

Upon attending you will able to:

  • Describe the soft skills that the CFO of the future will need
  • Identify ways to improve your leadership
  • Identify the skill gaps you may wish to close with the help of mentors


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David Parmenter travels on at least five major speaking tours a year. It is highly likely that a mutually convenient date can be found.