As a writer I spend many months in isolation researching and writing.  The downside is that the growth in one’s client base suffers.  I thus have available time to help newsletter readers in the following ways:
One-to-one mentorship and project support

To Newsletter readers I am happy to offer a GoToMeeting session. These sessions are purchased in units of 1.5 hours. On purchase please also email me and provide three times bearing in mind I  am based in New Zealand (My work hours are from 7.30am to 10pm ).  Each session will involve about 2.5 hours of my time (1 hour background and admin). The cost is NZ$525 (US$425). 

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In-house webinar training to your organization

Webinars are particularly useful where your team is split over various  locations.   I have delivered over 50 webinars over the last 15 years and am very experienced in achieving engagement with the audience.

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