The two day KPI masterclass has now been converted into 4 *2.5 hour webinars.

Due to my wife’s ill health I will be running my two day KPI masterclass as a webinar series.  I ran this in May and here is what an attendee said.

“The KPI masterclass was a very good experience that I professionally benefited from. The small class format allowed for ongoing engagement throughout the lessons and the material was well prepared to support the areas of discussion and learning.  KPI’s and their proper positioning has taken on a whole new meaning for me and I would definitely recommend that key people from within the same organisation attend. David is obviously a subject matter expert and I enjoyed both his style and obvious passion with KPIs.”

John Slack-Smith| Chief Operating Officer & Executive Director, Harvey Norman

These series will have a high level of participation and interaction by attendees.

10, 11, 12, 13 November 2020 starting at 8PM GMT.

We want you to enrol in one of these options.  Dates will be altered to suit the majority of attendees.  Sessions missed can be attended by someone else with the possibility of attending the missed session in a follow-up cycle.  Best to have two staff attending to cover this eventuality.

The draft outline of the four-session programme.

Session 1

What are Key Performance Indicators?
• Difference between the four types of performance measures
• The characteristics of a winning KPI
• How KPIs support business goals and strategy
• Understanding the need for past, present, and future measures
• The 10, 80, 10, rule for performance measures
• The importance of knowing your critical success factors KPIs for Your Enterprise
• A question and answer session where David shares his thoughts on your organisation’s KPIs
• categorising the top twenty measures used by the organisation

Session 2

Finding the Critical Success Factors (CSFs) in Your
• Case studies
• The four step process
• How to run the two day CSF workshop
• Learn how to use sphere of influence mapping to find the success factors with the greatest influence (Airline example)Selling and Leading Change
• Why you need to know about the three laws of performance
• The power of selling by the emotional drivers of the buyer
• Preparing the elevator pitch
• The sales pitch to the Board, SMT and Staff
• The eight stages of leading and selling change (John Kotter)

Session 3

How to Design Performance Measures
• Common measurement traps
• What we need to measure
• Wording of measures
• Removing measures where cost of measurement is greater than the benefit
• Evaluating measures
• Workshop: rewording performance measures
• Workshop: categorizing performance measuresHow to Ascertain Performance Measures
• Using success factors to derive measures
• Workshop: Performance Measures in a couple of CSFsHow to Present Your Performance Measures
• How to improve your reporting of performance by adopting of Stephen Few’s work.
• Better practice graphics
• Maximising use of available software
• Hierarchy of Reports to Staff, Management, and the Board

Session 4

The Three Stage Process to Develop and Use Winning
• The seven foundation blocks
• Introducing agile techniques to improve the likelihood of success (SCRUM meetings,
• The next steps to take in the following five weeksUnderstanding the Myths of Performance Measurement That Lead to Failure
• By tying KPIs to pay you will increase performance
• Most measures lead to better performance
• All performance measures are KPIs
• Monitoring monthly performance measures will improve performance
• KPIs are financial and non financial indicators

Costs:  US$1,500 excl GST for one

Costs:  US$2,500 excl GST for two

Costs:  US$3,500 excl GST for three

Who will benefit?

  • Human Resource Managers responsible for organisation wide performance measurement
  • CFOs and reporting accountants responsible for reporting performance measurement on a regular basis
  • CEOs and GMs who are dissatisfied with performance measurement in their organisation and wish to scope out a complete revisit in performance measurement
  • The team in charge of a balance scorecard implementation
  • Consultants who wish to be certified on David Parmenter’s winning KPIs methodology

What you’ll gain

The webinar will enable you to:
• Transform your KPIs so they accelerate performance
• Understand the characteristics of KPIs that will deliver results
• Identify the difference between result and performance indicators
• Develop KPIs which will be relevant to your organisation
• Utilise the best practice reporting templates provided
• Identify your organisation’s critical success factors
• Work with the practical electronic media provided in the course

To enrol click here.