I am seeking skilled workshop presenters, who wish to extend the material they are delivering, to present my courses around the world. For a full list of my half, full day and two day courses see the courses webpage. The courses that I have developed help organisations to adopt 21st century performance management techniques.

Certified Coaches will be provided with PowerPoint presentations, and accompanying papers, coaching on how to deliver the material along with one-to-one support. They will also have access to all the intellectual property that I have developed in that area.

Regions where we are looking for presenters:

  • Europe
  • South America
  • North America
  • India
  • Asia
  • China
  • Japan
  • Africa
  • Russia

Checklist for Applicants to become certified trainers/facilitators of David Parmenter’s methodologies

Due to the nature of the role, certified trainers/facilitators need to have certain experience and a detailed skill set.

If you can answer “yes” to at least 10 of the first 13 questions please send a detailed CV and this completed checklist to David Parmenter at parmenter@waymark.co.nz.If you cannot, candidates should look to “close the gaps” and contact waymark when this has been achieved. In the meantime please review David Parmenter’s published work on waymark.co.nz and davidparmenter.com.

Checklist for applicants (.doc)

The selection process includes the following:

  • Passing the threshold on the attached checklist
  • Attending my KPI workshop (2 days) or pqrticipating in a web based training session
  • One “to” one training in material (up to two days spread over two separate times)
  • Answering a series of questions to assess the applicant’s knowledge of my work and their ability to use the book, and course material (to be performed over a one week timeframe)

I am developing an on-line ‘coach accreditation’ process as it is increasing difficult to deliver enough two day KPI workshops offering the accreditation option.


The process is a series of one-to-one sessions with me covering my methodology. At the end of each session there is some further reading and research to do prior to the next session. It is anticipated that there will be at least 3 sessions in one week and the sixth and final session will be within two weeks of commencement.


The aim of the ‘coach accreditation’ process is to give you the ability to deliver my material.


One-to-one web based ‘coach accreditation’ costs

The cost to have the six 1.5 hour, one-to-one sessions is NZ$1,500 for 2012 and then it will rise to NZ$2,000 in 2013. In order to achieve accreditation each attendee needs to attend all sessions and then demonstrate a sound understanding of the principles.


Attendance date options

These one-to-one sessions will occur at mutually convenient times principally over skype.


  1. Introduction to KPIs
  2. Finding the CSFs
  3. How to find measures from CSFs
  4. Reporting measures
  5. 12 step process and the briefer 8 phase process for SMEs
  6. Myths of performance measurement, implementation

The successful applicants will receive:

  • Presentation materials (PowerPoints, workshop exercises, checklists etc)
  • Marketing material ( course flyers etc)
  • One-to-one support before delivery of first presentation via web cam
  • Provision of course whitepaper (this is provided separately each time as it is updated by me regularly)

Benefits to applicants:

  • Access to ground breaking work which has the potential to generate subsytantial revenue
  • 10% commission of any work that is performed by waymark solutions that has been referred from you
  • Attend training sessions delivered by David Parmenter, as a designated associate
  • Work will be referred to them as David Parmenter is focussing on spreading the word and thus needs trainers/ facilitators to help organisations with their implementation
  • Deliver joint presentations with David Parmenter on in-house workshops which will help promote the trainer

Restraints of Trade

The intention is to minimise these constraints. As a guideline:

  • No firm / individual will be assigned a whole country or region, however, before expanding other certified trainers in same area discussions will be held to create a win/win with all concerned
  • All trainers may continue on without annual registration providing they do not use any intellectual property supplied (this point will be rigorously monitored) and do not consult in this field for 12 months post exist from certification
  • Trainers are to avoid delivering presentations on topic around David Parmenter’s material to professional bodies where David parmenter is currently delivering presentations, unless David has given express permission
  • All white papers on the topic are to be the latest one sourced from David Parmenter

I hope this gives a picture of what a certified trainer role involes. Please look at davidparmenter.com to find out when I am teaching KPI courses around the world. If you have any questions, please email me atparmenter@waymark.co.nz

To purchase the course required to become a certified coach please see our shop.