Skilled workshop presenters, who wish to extend their presenting revenue can do so by utilising the courses that I have developed to help organisations to adopt 21st century performance management techniques.

Certified Coaches will be provided with PowerPoint presentations, and accompanying papers, coaching on how to deliver the material along with one-to-one support. They will also have access to all the intellectual property that I have developed in that area.

Checklist for applicants to become certified trainers/facilitators of David Parmenter’s methodologies

Due to the nature of the role, certified trainers/facilitators need to have certain experience and a detailed skill set.

It is recommended that you can answer “yes” to at least half of the first 13 questions.  f you cannot, candidates should look to “close the gaps” and contact waymark when this has been achieved. In the meantime please review David Parmenter’s published work on

Checklist for applicants (.doc)

3 installments of US$4,000  for any one of these three packages:

  • the two day course on Ascertaining an organisations critical success factors and their associated performance measures , known as Implementing winning KPIs.  OR
  • the two one-day courses (1) Rapid month-end reporting and (2) implementing quarterly rolling forecasting. OR
  • the three one-day courses (1) Lean Practices to Transform Your Finance Team  and two half day courses (2) Annual Planning (Budgeting) in Two Weeks or Less (3) One-Page Finance Team Reporting Templates

For more details visit the toolkit pages

To buy

The process involves the following:

  • paying for first installment on Paypal
    • Attending  webinar training (5 *2.5 hour sessions) which may include one or two other candidates
  • paying for second installment on Paypal
    • Marketing material ( course flyers etc)
    • All slide decks (electronic version available for your first delivery)
    • All course papers (PDF version )
    • All workshop exercises (electronic version available for your first delivery)
  • paying for third installment on Paypal
    • Review of all material you propose to use in your early presentations
    • One-to- one sessions before first presentation (2 *1.5 hour sessions)
    • All course papers (electronic version )
    • One-to- one sessions after 12 months using material (2 *1.5 hour sessions)

Minimal restraints of trade

The intention is to minimise these constraints. As a guideline:

  • No firm / individual will be assigned a whole country or region, however, before expanding other certified trainers in same area discussions will be held to create a win/win with all concerned
  • Only committed to first installment no penalty for backing out
  • No annual registration
  • Trainers are to avoid delivering presentations on topic around David Parmenter’s material to professional bodies where David Parmenter is currently delivering presentations, unless David has given express permission