I enjoy helping organisations who wish to implement the methodologies, I write about. In all my work I have firmly stated that projects should be implemented by in-house resources. I see my role as the agent to help kick – start the project and the one or two day sessions have a important selling the change component. The workshops are now delivered  as a series of webinars which means dates are more flexible, staff can attend from multiple locations and I do not need to be away from my wife who has a health issue.

In-House Workshop Enquiry Form

One Day In-House Courses (Now delivered as a series of webinars):

Determining the critical success factors and KPIs in a two-day in house workshop

Have delivered my two day KPI in-house workshop for the following entities

  • Peoples Association of Singapore – Two day + One day follow up workshop
  • Tasco (wood processor), Geelong, Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants – Two Day workshop
  • NCB Capital (banking), Saudi Arabia – Two Day workshop
  • Dundas – Two Day workshop, Toronto
  • Inland Revenue, Fiji – Two Day workshop
  • Open University, UK – One Day workshop
  • Development Bank, Fiji – One Day workshop
  • European Space Agency, Rome – One Day workshop
  • ActewAGL, Canberra, Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Australian Post, Western Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Ricoh, NZ – Two Day workshop
  • Pars Khodro (car manufacturer), Iran – Two Day workshop
  • Bank Islam, Brunei – Two Day workshop
  • Lloyds of London (insurance) – Two Day workshop
  • Cropcare, Brisbane, Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Queensland Rail, Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia – One Day workshop
  • Spectranitics, USA – Series of Web based workshops
  • Unitaid,Switzerland – Two Day workshop + Series of Web based workshops
  • Nelson Forest, Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Medicomp, USA – Series of Web based workshops
  • Food manufacturer North-East England – Series of Web based workshops
  • Global financial Institution – Two Day CSF workshop + Two Day Performance Measures workshop
  • Lower Carbon Contracts Company, UK –  Series of Web based workshops