I enjoy helping organisations who wish to implement the methodologies, I write about. I see my role as the agent to help kick – start the project and the one or two day sessions have a important selling the change component. The workshops are designed that, the senior management team are present for atleast first and last sessions. In half of the workshops, the senior managament have been present through out.

I donot believe I should have a role in running the project as in all my work I have firmly stated that projects should be implemented by in-house resources. I do offer training to the in-house teams overseeing implementations of methodologies, I write about.

In-House Workshop Enquiry Form

One Day Courses (in-house courses):

A Two Day Implementing Winning KPIs In-house Workshop:

Have delivered my two day KPI in-house workshop for the following entities

  • Peoples Association of Singapore – Two day + One day follow up workshop
  • Tasco (wood processor), Geelong, Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants – Two Day workshop
  • NCB Capital (banking), Saudi Arabia – Two Day workshop
  • Dundas – Two Day workshop, Toronto
  • Inland Revenue, Fiji – Two Day workshop
  • Open University, UK – One Day workshop
  • Development Bank, Fiji – One Day workshop
  • European Space Agency, Rome – One Day workshop
  • ActewAGL, Canberra, Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Australian Post, Western Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Ricoh, NZ – Two Day workshop
  • Pars Khodro (car manufacturer), Iran – Two Day workshop
  • Bank Islam, Brunei – Two Day workshop
  • Lloyds of London (insurance) – Two Day workshop
  • Cropcare, Brisbane, Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Queensland Rail, Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Australia – One Day workshop
  • Spectranitics, USA – Series of Web based workshops
  • Unitaid,Switzerland – Two Day workshop + Series of Web based workshops
  • Nelson Forest, Australia – Two Day workshop
  • Medicomp, USA – Series of Web based workshops