The book was so useful for me to develop an company dashboards with KPI and KRI. The best unit of the book was a section where is explained the differences between KRIs and KPIs. By Amazon Reader 2017.
Excellent book!
Testimonial imageAnthony Hatcher
Very useful, totally applicable for my requirements.
Testimonial imageArnoldo Leroy Cordoba
The book provides two lenses: an in-depth look at context and implementation to create and use key performance indicators (KPIs). An easy read and step-wise guide to implementing. Parmenter’s methodology simple, but profound in terms of its practical applicability. Parmenter utilizes a 10/80/10 rule that depicts the indicator representation that tis need for good business decision making. The discussion on critical success factors can facilitate organizations to identify and track KPIs to ensure continued or new successes
Testimonial imageG Cridder

Feedback on the earlier editions

Extremely hands on. Well written with lot’s of helpful strategies to streamline Finance operations.
Testimonial imageHans J. Schuster
A really good introduction to KPIs. I’ve had this in my library since the 1st version came out a few years ago. I work with balanced scorecards and this book helped push me in the right direction when I was struggling to get started. A few people have complained that the templates in the book are only available in electronic format for a fee on his website but everything you need is in the book to get started. I recommend this book to anyone getting started with balanced scorecard or other measurement methods. I just bought the audiobook version and includes over 100 pages of templates and other materials in pdf format. Key Performance Indicators (KPI): Developing, Implementing, and Using Winning KPIs
Testimonial imageMatthew
When you are trying to implement a performance mesurements system in a non-profit it is extremely important to have tools that are clear, concise and useful. Parmenter’s book Key Performance Indicators especially the second edition played a clear role in helping me design indicators that made the most sense. Further the info in the book played a key role in helping my office develop workshops to explain how to develop indicators and identify indicators for support as well as social service program areas that made the most sense. I highly recommend this book if this is the dierction you are moving in.
Testimonial imageStanley Capela
Though the book is written to satisfy the necessities of a large organization and my application was for a small firm (a “flat” organization with less than 35 employees), the information was sufficiently concise and complete, that I could readily modify the recommendations and net strong results. I recommend this book for anyone seeking to experience the rewards of properly using KPIs, PIs, RIs and KRIs to improve their corporate performance.
Testimonial imageEarl Rishellon