Annual reporting is seldom an area where the accounting function scores many goals. The annual report is an important regulatory and stewardship requirement.

It should be completed expediently and should not consume scarce accounting resources for inordinately long periods of time. This workshop will show you that obtaining audit clearance within 15 working days or less is possible by tackling your year-end bottlenecks.

David has helped accounting teams across Australia to improve efficiency with their budgeting and monthly reporting processes and thus it is appropriate to now address timely annual reporting. Once again, he will be sharing some of the breakthroughs that your peers have made in this critical area.

This 2 *90 min webinar is based on David Parmenter’s first section of his ground breaking book “The Financial Controllers and CFO’s Toolkit” which covers the better practices from “winning” finance teams around the world.

Around the world some exceptional corporate accountants have questioned the status quo and implemented practices that have revolutionised the value the corporate accounting team can generate. These successful corporate accountants spent more time in the 20% of issues that really matter and have been ruthless with the time the team spends on the 80% of issues that are less important. In other words they apply Pareto’s principle.


  • better practice annual reporting timetables
  • benefits of a hard closes on month 11 results
  • critical work that should be done in advance
  • how to organise yourself and the auditors
  • the role of the audit co-ordinator
  • lessons from your fellow participants


Target audience:

  • finance director, CFO or financial controller
  • corporate service managers who have the accounting team reporting to them
  • management accountants, financial accountants who are involved in annual reporting

Learning outcomes:

On completion of this workshop you will be able to:

  • speed up your annual reporting process
  • tackle your year-end bottlenecks
  • use the comprehensive annual reporting checklist
  • squeeze out more value from the audit process

Take away reference material:

Participants will receive a comprehensive paper with a detailed checklist to assist them organize their year-end.

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