The senior finance managers, have been accused of not moving with the times. Simply managing the accounting and finances is now not enough. Management today is now demanding a different role from the corporate accountant. As the CFO or a person aspiring to be one it is imperative that you focus on this change. A major study found

“Leading finance professionals are taking on new roles that add greater value to their business. These CFOs do not work in a finance “silo” but work with other professionals in, for example, strategy, marketing, operations and logistics, providing business leadership to and partnership with other business professionals.”

David Parmenter has recently published two books titled “Winning CFOs: Implementing and Applying Better Practices” “The leading-edge Manager’s guide to success – strategies and better practices”. This master class has been based on the ground breaking work from these books. All attendees will receive a copy of “Winning CFOs”.

This two day master class will offer the CFO, financial controllers and senior corporate accountants a chance to step out of the daily fire fighting to make a migration to more added value activities. This course with the accompanying material has the potential to change your future into one that is more rewarding, with more recognition and more satisfaction.

This session will cover:

Mastering the soft skills

  • How to minimize your own personal baggage that will impede your progress
  • How to sell change to the CEO, SMT and the directors and get them on board every time
  • How to find a mentor to get you to the top and help you stay there
  • Selling yourself to the organisation and to the wider market
  • How to have a happy and productive Finance team (including cutting edge team building techniques)
  • Working smarter not harder
  • Marketing the finance team
  • Managing a career and life balance – attendees will share suggestions that work

Making the finance team efficient

  • Fast monthly (within 3 working days or less) and annual reporting (signed audited opinion within 3 weeks of year-end)
  • Technology that your finance team need to master (planning, reporting, maximizing your organization’s intranet)
  • 21st century techniques your finance staff should be implementing (21st century accounts payable systems, rolling forecasting, fast annual plans etc)

Reporting performance

  • Daily and weekly reporting that will make a difference
  • Turning reports into a decision based document (inc. one page summary A3 report to the CEO, concise financials, brief business unit reports, a one page investment proposal summary etc)
  • Working with winning KPIs
  • Reporting to the Board (including a one page dashboard)

Working on strategic issues

  • How to find your organizations CSFs
  • How to align everyday work to the organization’s strategy
  • The Toyota business principles, that give Toyota a 15 year advantage

The accountant as a serving leader

  • The five foundations stones of leadership
  • The twelve leadership traits to master
  • Lessons from great leaders
  • A new model in ‘servant leadership’ that over a 13 week period will bear fruit
  • Creating winning personal habits
  • Creating winning work habits

Areas where costly mistakes can be made

  • The initiatives that can lose stakeholder value- quickly
  • The major waste CFO preside over and how to fix it
  • The top twenty mistakes corporate accountants make, year-in year-out

Target audience:

  • CFOs, Financial Controllers and Finance Directors
  • Management accountants and financial accountants whose next position will be a the CFO /Financial Controller.

Benefits of attending:

Upon attending you will able to:

  • Explain the shifting role of the CFO
  • Describe the soft skills that the CFO of the future will need
  • Identify ways to improve your business leadership to and partnership with other business professionals within their organisation
  • Identify the skill gaps you may wish to close with the help of mentors
  • Implement the course templates from the free electronic media given to all attendees

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David Parmenter travels on at least five major speaking tours a year. It is highly likely that a mutually convenient date can be found.