Most organizations use the wrong measures, most of which are incorrectly termed key performance indicators (KPIs). Measures are destroying value and encouraging inappropriate activities, inhibiting projects, strangling outsourcing arrangements, and limiting the effectiveness of balanced scorecards.

Measures should be segregated between those that report on collective efforts (result indicators) and those measures that can be tied to a team that will enhance performance (performance indicators).

In Key Performance Indicators, performance measurement expert David Parmenter has developed a clear set of steps that enable leaders to avoid these pitfalls and create KPIs that meaningfully reflect short- and long-term organizational performance.

This book comes with a ninety page web-based toolkit (PDF), and is a A-Z guide on how you go about finding measures that will help your organization on the journey from good to great. For people working on a KPI project, you can purchase the electronic version of the book templates plus useful PowerPoint presentations from the link below. For more information about the book, click on the book cover link.

David’s intellectual property is constantly evolving and to access his up to the minute KPI work it is best to purchase his extensive whitepaper. On notification of a purchase, David reviews the whitepaper, updating it, and then publishes. Ensuring that the reader receives his most up to date thinking. For more information, you can browse the whitepaper here.