The Financial Controller and CFO’s Toolkit is now available.  It is the updated version of Pareto’s 80/20 Rule for Corporate Accountants and Winning CFOs. The book is designed for senior financial managers who want to radically modernise their departments, make higher-value contributions to the organisation, and develop a reputation as an innovative leader of efficiency. This book is targeted at finance teams from small to multi-national organisations and is designed to walk you through seamless implementations. This book provides over 100 lean practice solutions from lean finance teams including:

§  The key steps to selling and leading change effectively

§  Rapid month-end results—inside three working days

§  Templates for lean one-page reports (daily, weekly, and monthly examples)

§  Agile methodologies for instant improved teamwork (Scrum, Kanban, Post-it Re-engineering, Kaizen)

§  Ways to reduce accounts payable volume by 60%

§  The seven 21st century technologies that will radically improve the finance team’s productivity

§  Rapid annual accounts and annual plans

§  Implementing quarterly rolling forecasting

§  Getting your KPIs to work

§  How to attract and recruit talent

§  Practical insights from the paradigm shifters (Peter Drucker, Jim Collins, Jack Welch, John Kotter, Jeremy Hope)

David’s intellectual property is constantly evolving and to access his up to the minute work it is best to purchase his extensive whitepapers. On notification of a purchase, David reviews the whitepapers, updating then, and then publishes. Ensuring that the reader receives his most up to date thinking. For more information, you can browse the whitepapers below.

This book comes with a ninety page web-based toolkit (PDF). Finance team leaders can purchase the electronic version of the book templates plus useful PowerPoint presentations from the link below. For more information about the book, click on the book cover link.

Download the chapter on recruiting.

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This punchy and practical book is packed with ideas and suggestions about making your business more efficient and a happier place to work. David’s easy style makes this book a refreshing read, which will invigorate you to bring positive change to your business.
Robert Russell FCA, Technical Manager Finance & Management Faculty ICAEW